Eastern Adornment is committed to supporting Palestinian craftspeople, taking the time to visit workshops and forge personal connections with the artisans and their families. As such we offer an exquisite range of ceramics and glassware.

Our Palestinian ceramics are painted by hand and come in a range of colours and designs.

From serving dishes to espresso cups, they are a vibrant addition to any dining table. All items are ovens and dishwasher safe.


Hebron glass jajaj al-Khalili, refers to glass produced in the historic West Bank city of Hebron as part of a flourishing art industry, established during Roman rule in Palestine.

Traditionally, the glass is melted using local raw materials, including sand from neighbouring villages, sodium carbonate (From the Dead Sea) and colouring additives such as iron oxide and copper oxide. The secrets to producing this beautiful glass have been passed down through generations of Palestinian families, who operate the glass factories just outside the city.

From champagne flutes to water jugs, each item is completely unique, making Hebron glassware a beautiful gift or addition to any home.